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A/Prof Sanjay Warrier

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As surgeons we are always looking for the very best outcomes for our patients. We can only achieve this through research which informs and transforms the way we approach treatment and care. Generous supporters like you enable us to push through boundaries where hope can be found in discovery.

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Associate Professor Sanjay Warrier

Associate Professor Sanjay Warrier is a dedicated and compassionate Consultant Breast Oncology and Oncoplastic Surgeon at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. In addition to his role as a surgeon, he is also a committed researcher in breast cancer medicine and surgery. Sanjay is the current Chairman of Post-Fellowship Training for BreastSurgANZ, a role that involves training future breast surgeons in Australia and New Zealand.

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Associate Professor Sanjay Warrier in conjunction with the breast unit at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse is leading the way through innovative research projects. Research undertaken at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse includes projects such as 3D printing of tumours to improve accuracy in breast cancer surgery. 

This approach helps surgeons to visualise and plan the surgery to remove the tumour sparing as much healthy tissue as possible. In some cases, the technique will help spare the nipple.