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What is Chris O’Brien Lifehouse?

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a comprehensive cancer hospital, offering everything a cancer patient needs in one place, including advanced onco-surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, clinical trials, research, education, complementary therapies and psychosocial support.

Why does my support matter?

A registered not-for-profit treating both public and private patients, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse relies on fundraising to achieve the vision of world class care in a state-of-the-art facility, providing equipment and services over and above those covered by operational budgets.

Our mission at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, is to improve the quality of life for Australian cancer patients, carers and their families by advancing the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, care, cure and prevention of cancer.

Your support makes this happen. Support such as the purchase of the da vinci Xi Robot which, purchased with donor contributions, has seen reduced need for blood transfusions, less pain, faster recovery times, fewer complications and reduced risk of infection resulting in shorter stays in hospital.

What is the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse funding model?

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a not-for-profit public benevolent institution that treats public and private patients. We have no shareholders and income will be reinvested for the benefit of our patients.

The facility is located on state government owned land and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse has received more than $180 million in federal government grants.

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse represents a unique model of care and funding in Australia.

What are the ongoing administration costs of your fundraising team?

In our 2016 Financial Review, our administration costs were 17.6% compared to 82.4% income.

How can I donate?

There are many ways you can donated to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

  • Online through Donate
  • By cheque to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and posted to PO Box M5, Missenden Road, Camperdown, NSW, 2050.
  • Directly to our bank account, contact us for details on 1300 852 500
  • By phone, please contact us on 1300 852 500
  • In person

If you would like further details, please contact us.

How can I fundraise for you?

Every year a number of amazing and compassionate individuals go the extra mile (or 42) and fundraise for us through third party events such as the City to Surf or SMH Half Marathon. 

Others choose to fundraise on their own through a challenge event or something more low-key such as a BBQ or party. 

We also have people who shave their heads or jump out of planes to raise funds for our patients. Whatever your choice, we are happy to support you with your chosen community fundraiser.

In 2017, we launched Walk with Lifehouse, a one-day 28km coastal trek from Otford Lookout to Bundeena beach through the Royal National Park. Held in October, this fundraiser sold out last year and will be returning in October this year.

Please contact us so we can discuss your community fundraising questions in more detail. Alternatively, you can set up your own fundraising page here.

How can I leave a gift to you in my Will?

There is a special group of people who choose to leave a gift to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in their Will, after taking care of their own family and friends. 

This is a truly special gift and one which Chris O’Brien Lifehouse appreciates considerably. If you would like to speak to us about your decision, please contact us

You have the opportunity to be on our Bequest Wall and to attend events a couple of times a year with the Bequest Society Patron, Gail O’Brien AO.

Do you accept donations in lieu of flowers?

Yes, we do. We understand that losing a loved one is an extremely difficult time and we can support you with your loved ones wishes to donate in lieu of flowers at their funeral. Please contact us . 

You can also set up your own in-memorial page here.

Do you accept donations in lieu of gifts to celebrate a birthday or wedding?

Yes, we do. It is a truly selfless act to ask for donations to be made in lieu of gifts to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and we have been lucky to be the beneficiaries of donations from birthday boys and girls as well as a couple of amazing weddings. 

Please contact us for further information. You can also set up your own in-celebration page here.

Do you need volunteers and if so, can I volunteer?

Yes, we rely on volunteers throughout the hospital to continue our work. Volunteers help out in the day therapy room, at our donation desk, at merchandise stalls, as bus drivers and in many other ways. 

We couldn’t do it without them. Learn more about volunteering here.

Do you accept donations of hair, books or gifts?

We are currently accepting donations of:

  • Recent magazines
  • Wigs/scarves/hats
  • Wheelchairs and patient aides
  • Wool, fabric and craft material for our Arterie Program
  • Dietary supplements
  • Gifts, toiletries (unopened), new clothes, slippers

Unfortunately, we are unable to take any more books at present or accept hair. If you would like to donate any of the above goods, please contact us or you can drop them at our reception desk.

Will you honour my wishes and respect my privacy?

As a not-for-profit cancer hospital that relies on donations from the community, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is deeply grateful for the generous support of our donors.

Our Donor Charter has been created to assure you of the integrity and accountability of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.
This is our promise to you:

  • To treat you with respect.
  • To always communicate openly and honestly.
  • To effectively allocate all gifts to their intended purposes.
  • To keep you updated and informed.
  • To provide you with timely acknowledgement and recognition for your donation.
  • To respect your right to privacy.
  • To be held accountable to our vision, values and mission.
  • To provide prompt responses to any questions you may have.

What is the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse difference?

Lifehouse combines all aspects of clinical treatment, education, research, complementary therapies and emotional support in one facility. Integrated cancer centres are recognised around the world as a model that provides the best possible outcomes for people living with cancer, as well as the most meaningful advances in research and education.