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Help Arterie provide supportive care to our patients


Arterie is an innovative inter-disciplinary model of art in healthcare practice. It is specifically designed to improve outcomes for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse patients, families, carers and staff by easing the side effects of cancer and its treatment such as stress, pain, fatigue, isolation and depression.

Arterie participates in a way that fits with the patient’s treatment – it is non-invasive, inclusive and supportive.

The Arterie program was co-founded by Deborah Burdett and is delivered by a dedicated group of ‘Arterists’. All Arterie team members are qualified practicing artists, educators and art therapists who are committed to enhancing the Lifehouse experience through a variety of art engagements including mobile art studios - Carterie and Wednesdays famous Open Studio - art and craft drop-in centre.

Arterie relies on cash donations via gifts, grants and bequests as well as sponsorship of new art and craft materials to deliver the program.