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Tax Appeal 2018

"We have one life - we want to stay together as long as we can." - Piotr and Gosia Broniszewski

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Everyday in my role as the Patient Advocate I see where hope lives. It is embodied in the experience of people like Piotr and Gosia.

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Gail O'Brien AO, Patient Advocate and Board Member

Piotr and Gosia Broniszewski have shared many things over their 27-year marriage: travelling the world, visits to the beach, countless meals and lots of laughter.

When Piotr was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2013, Gosia supported her husband through surgery and chemotherapy. They had three years of remission before his cancer came back.

This time, the couple was sharing an experience neither would have asked for – Gosia had been diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer in 2016.

Because of people like you Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is here for Piotr and Gosia as they face cancer together.

Today Piotr and Gosia still go to the beach every day that they can, but those days are interspersed with twice-weekly visits to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse for tests and treatment – immunotherapy for her, chemotherapy for him.

“We are very pleased that we landed here. We are so grateful to Professor Tattersall. He’s so nice to us,” Gosia adds, joking that “we are like double trouble for him.”

Gosia is among the hundreds of patients participating in clinical trials with Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

As a comprehensive cancer centre, clinical trials at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse are possible thanks to generous supporters like you. Your support helps cancer researchers analyse information, test theories, and pioneer new approaches to treatment.

Will you please donate today to help make sure more people fighting to overcome cancer like Piotr and Gosia can access new and improved treatments?

Piotr and Gosia still laugh together, even when talking about their cancer. “I was a little bit shocked in the beginning. But then I got used to it and started to cope with it. I’ve got experience now, so I’m a professional,” Piotr says, causing them both to laugh as Gosia chimes in, “Both of us; we’re professionals now.”

With the ease of a couple who have been together for almost three decades, they have adapted to their conditions by taking care of each other.

“You have to give support to each other. And stop thinking about small things because they are really, really small. In life, you have each other,” Gosia says. “Be nice to each other, and helpful. That’s the most important thing.”

Clinical trials at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse are important not only for patients and their families all over the world, but for the individual participants. Studies have repeatedly shown that patients in clinical trials generally do better than patients who are not in clinical trials.

Your gift will provide hope to patients and their loved ones.

As long as there are patients like Piotr and Gosia who are still struggling through cancer treatment, we can all do more.

Will you please help give hope – and improved treatments – to patients affected by cancer by donating today?