The Alam Family Cancer Support Fund

By Fred And Kristy

To our dear family & friends,

Our family was changed forever in 2002 with the sudden passing of Kristy’s Dad - Tom O’Connor due to cancer. Taken so young at only 47 years of age.

A number of years later our family saw the work of Chris O’Brien and his dream to create the Lifehouse - A vision to build a centre that was focussed on research, development and treating people fighting cancer - this was something our family wanted to be part of.

Sadly as we know soon after Chris passed from cancer, however his family continued, and made the Lifehouse a reality!

The Alam family has supported the Lifehouse while it was being built and is very proud to continue to support this amazing facility to date.

While we may be celebrating a special event at this time, we kindly ask instead of buying a gift that you consider donating to the life house by clicking on our family fundraising fund.

You can leave a message of support which we will receive.

That said, if you prefer to give a personal gift instead of donating we completely understand and thank you.

Fred & Kristy Alam
Jack, Dean & Luke Thomas 💕🙏


Thank you to my Sponsors


Darren Azzopardi


Fred Alam


Steve Alam


Paul And Tanya Joyce

Happy birthday Kristy, 😘👍


Mel Abboud



Merry Christmas Alam family, from Rachel, Glen and Piper xxx


Kristy Alam


Rachel Hine


Helen Gordon


Darlene O’connor

Kristy and Fred merry Christmas


Rachel Hine


Christine Merry


Heidi & Rod Johnson

Happy birthday to a wonderful lady. Love Heidi & rod xxx


Anthony Lemura


Kieran O’hegarty


Matthew And Lauren Clark

Happy Birthday Kristy. Happy to donate to a wonderful cause.


Joachim Milazzo


Laura Lee


Maria Grey


Graham Hibbs


Amy Miliauskas


Maureen Dawson

In loving memory of my husband, Keith, your grandfather, and my beloved son in law, Tom, your father, who were both taken by this terrible disease. Two wonderful men, who loved you dearly, and who, no doubt, are toasting their “Princess / Rosey Darlin” a Happy 40th Birthday! Love Nan


Natalie Gordon

Nat won the family footy tipping comp and wanted to donate her winnings to raise money for cancer!! We love you so much gorgeous girl and thank you for donating to this very important cause oxox


Lauren Barbar


Debbie Dawson


Margaret Nagle


Brian Dawson

To my beautiful niece, I love you more than words can express Uncle Brian XX


Lesley Dawson


Todd Dawson


Trish Toomey


Jenna Spowart


Luke Alam

Hey dad this is your son luke


Ruby Boulad


Jacob Dawson