Skydive for Lifehouse

By Amanda Jackson

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Tuesday 4th Jan

My husbands journey

Thursday 29th Jul

Almost 2 years ago, 31st August 2019, while in the UK on holiday, my husband was taken ill and our return to Sydney was delayed. 

After diagnostic scans he was admitted to hospital and a biopsy was performed on a growth on his lungs. This was diagnosed as Small Cell Lung Cancer and we were told that with treatment, he could live up to 12 months. 

He was given 1 round of lifesaving chemotherapy.

We were allowed to travel back to Sydney despite the Drs reservations, where his GP referred him to Professor Michael Boyer at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse centre.

At his first appointment, we discussed treatment and prognosis, and the professor was much more positive and expressed the hope that he would be able to ‘cure’ him.

Treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy were given and we remained hopeful as there was a significant shrinkage of tumours.

Regular scans have followed with no sign of the cancer recurring. 

At his last appointment (Dec 2021), we were advised that if there is no recurrence 2 years post treatment, it is very unlikely the cancer will return (no guarantees). We were also advised that he is 'disease free'.

To give back to this amazing organisation I am doing a sponsored skydive in December as I cannot thank them enough and will be forever thankful for their treatment and support over this very difficult time.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Karl Jackson


Amanda Jackson


Ben Macaulay

What a great cause! Enjoy the jump!!


Jayne Hendry



Great initiative by you to support Lifehouse centre Well done


Leanne Mcnamara

Great cause as well as a big adrenaline rush. Have a blast


Mark Mckelvey

Wonderful! Best to you and Sam ;-


Chris Hills

Well done Amanda - braver than me!!


Simon Welburn

An inspirational story Amanda and such a great initiative by you to support Lifehouse and their wonderful work.


Hugh Mcelduff

Hey Amanda, I am glad things are going well. Hope you are enjoying work in the Robotics space.


Julie Wall

Miss Amanda - soar like an eagle. Love Julesx


Roman Hoetschl

Good on you legend! Just make sure that you get some footage of you getting pushed out of that plane. :-)


Adam Radcliffe

A great cause, and the best reason I can think of to throw yourself out of a functioning aircraft.


Collette Brock


Jimmy Hayes

I think that you secretly enjoy jumping out of a perfectly fine plane... ;)


Carolyn Watson

You're doing a wonderful thing!


Faye & Jon

Hope you have an amazing jump, and that all the money you’ve raised helps as many people as possible in the same way it helped dad ❤️


John Porta

Sorry it has taken so long…, good luck with the jump.


Margaret Tumeth

Hey Amanda, what an amazing thing to do! You are much braver than me. As a fellow cancer survivor (x3), I'm more than happy to donate to this wonderful cause. I hope it is exhilarating for you and not too terrifying.


Grant Bridger

Amanda, A wonderful cause and very well played !!


Victor John Ashbourne


Tim Mitchell

Good luck 😀


Vaibhav Gupta


Ankur Sinha

Good Luck


Nata Mileto

So bloody amazing!


Rashmi Kumari


Pranusha Anumula

Enjoy your Dive Amanda.


Gurpreet Kaur


Marivic Patos



Jacqueline Fung


Donovan Clarke


Julia Leong

Have fun on your dive Amanda - you are too brave !


Hazel Winfield-chislett

Amazing job Amanda for such an amazing cause!!! Loved the pics! : )


Kayleigh Robson

Way to go Amanda! Great cause 👏


Judy Mckelvey

Sending love and appreciation.


Deborah Jackson

Have a good jump! 🪂☁️😘


Ray Wall


Dominic Frost



Good on you!!!


Simon Cason

Hope you enjoy the skydive Amanda


Stella Xie


Rhian Saunders



😉 😘


Shona Chisholm


Jenni Jones

Amazing fundraising Amanda, well done on your amazing jump x


Daniel Philps

Good luck!


Kerry Mclennan

Incredibly brave to have the strength and courage to support your husband through his diagnosis, treatment and recovery - this sky diving will be a piece of cake in contrast! Enjoy it!


Suzanne Handford

What a brave thing to do. Well done you! 😀