Give It A Crack 2023

By Barnaby Howarth

Give It A Crack 2023

Give It A Crack is back for 2023! Led by Barnaby Howarth, Give It A Crack is a night of comedy and community, with proceeds from the night going towards supporting holistic care services at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. Give It A Crack is also a night to support mental health by sprinkling small, intangible goodness all through the room, and if anybody is struggling, they can soak it up and walk out happier than they were when they walked in.

Patients at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse have a range of holistic health services available to them, from diagnosis through to treatment and recovery. These services aim to treat all aspects of both a patient's physical and mental health, supporting better outcomes for patients and their families. Thanks to initiatives like Give It A Crack, these services are made available and accessible.

We are pleased to announce that Juliette O'Brien will be headlining this year's event, and will be giving stand-up comedy a good crack. Make sure to get your tickets soon so you don't miss out!

Many thanks for your donation and support!

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Leo Browne



This looks like the greatest event in history!