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By Helen and Fran

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Current glioblastoma research at the LifeHouse

Monday 8th May
Hi lovely supporters! We think you might be interested in this short Newsletter article on some amazing current research in the LifeHouse via the Arto Hardy Family Biomedical Innovation Hub

Liz is in all our hearts forever.

Monday 1st May
We're fund-raising for brain cancer research at Chris O'Brien LifeHouse, with the hope that a cure is on the horizon.

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Wesley And Marty


Patricia King


Terry Horne


Vivien Halaska

This cancer takes so many lives, young and old. I pray for a cure.


Lynnie Wade

Love you forever Mum/ Nanny 💕


Helen Dooley


Verica Marin


Helen Halaska

You are still a beating heart in our family Liz . Your light has dimmed but will never go out. Love you forever.


Kay Bowden

In Liz's memory