Run Rome, Rid Cancer

By Jye Sandiford

My Updates

Final run before Marathon

Monday 13th Mar

Final run in prep for romemarathon2023. After seeing this guy dominate on some wood blocks in Japan last week ive upp’ed my target - ready to go!

♬ Level Up - Ciara

Keeping the training up whilst travelling

Tuesday 7th Mar

Gotta keep up marathon training and get rid of jet lag #runromethemarathon #romemarathon #marathontraining #running #runner #marathon #marathonrunner

♬ Rasputin (Single Version) - Boney M.

Milestone 3 - 35km and ready to go!

Tuesday 14th Feb

One last big effort 5 weeks out from Rome Marathon. #ForYouPizza #runromethemarathon #rrtm #berlinrunner #running #grunewaldforest #marathontraining

♬ Neon Bass - Tangelene Bolton

Milestone 2 - 30km

Tuesday 14th Feb

30km run seing the sights around Berlin at Sunrise to stsrt the weekend. #rrtm #runromethemarathon #running #berlinrunner

♬ Motion - Vandelux

Milestone 1 - Half Marathon

Tuesday 14th Feb

Weekend starter for our Marathon training. #rrtmgetready #runnerstiktok #runromethemarathon #berlinrunner

♬ You Little Beauty - FISHER

My motivation

Tuesday 14th Feb
I love running, for me it’s as much about the mental benefits as the physical. I enter a meditative state, focused solely on the present - what’s around me? how fast am I going? how do I feel and how am I breathing? It’s a real mind + body connection and a habitual need in my week. Unfortunately however in 2020 whilst living in London, my ability to get out for these runs was gone as I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. Going through Chemotherapy and surgeries to remove tumours was demanding on the body and from my experience losing this ability to exercise was a key contributor to struggling mentally as well…I’d lost my life long routine to be mindful at the time I most needed it. 

Getting back on the road to full health in early 2022 I set my sights on rebuilding my strength and back to running like I once used to enjoy. Within a few months I was back and so incredibly grateful to not be sitting in a hospital bed each day but having the choice to get out and run - 12 months on and I still feel an incredible sense of happiness every time I chuck on my runners, that it’s even possible. 

None of this would have been possible, at least at the speed I was able to recover without the help of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse services. Their holistic approach to supporting patients across nutrition, psychology and most importantly physiotherapy was incredibly helpful to me and what has led to my efforts to raise money for this organisation - supporting a more rounded approach to beating Cancer. 

So because of the story I’ve shared above, I am running the Rome Marathon for three things:

1) My love for running and completing one of the hardest running challenges to show people anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
2) Raise funds for the organisation who, to this point in time has helped me rid Cancer and get back pounding the pavement and loving life.
3) Raise awareness for the importance of exercising to support your mental health - regardless of what you are going through, moving the body and getting the heart pumping may just make a difference to your day that can be life changing. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Paul Byrne

Me old mate the Mascot! Bloody champion, dig deep at 35k lad, plenty to draw on to push past the barrier, you will smash it. I’ll have a beer with uncle Matt tomorrow Blue boy :)


Jye Sandiford


Pippa Plummer

Proud of you!


Malou & Nick

Go Jye Goooooo! We’re so proud of you and you’re an inspiration. Enjoy the run! Lots of love from Nick and Malou


James Brittain

Great work Jye! Keep on running brother!


Fi & Dave

We love you and are so proud of how strong you are! Xx


Ryan Curwood

Absolute inspiration mate! Love Ryan and Sammy x


Rebecca Alexander

You are a superstar xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Edoardo Rossi



Smash it legend!


Boyes Family

You are superhuman!


Mark And Becs Boyes

Epic hustle through the winter months mate. Have a cracking day (hopefully with some sun)!



I’m so so proud of your journey and how you’re smashing life! You really are an inspiration. I love you!


Alex Davis

Your a Fkn champion mate. Incredible drive and positivity. Blues win the flag this year. 💙💙



Good luck Jye. You’re amazing. Thankyou for what you’re doing. The Lifehouse is an incredible place.


Shivani Pal



Good luck mate, a great cause. Have no doubt you’ll smash it!


Matt & Benita Sandiford

Good luck Jye!


Cindy Grant

We know you will smash it Jye. Enjoy if you can, we are thinking of you x


Chloe Ett

Good luck guys!!!



Such a inspirational man. Good luck


Alex Escobar

You rock Jye! Will be supporting you from the other side of the Mediterranean sea! Vamos!!!


Matt And Jo Crocker


Lynn Harrison


Akshay Bhatia

Really inspiring to see this Jye! I hope you have a lot of fun doing this marathon and are super proud to see the effort you've put into this.


Akhil Kumar Meesala

Loved your content mate! You have had a very inspiring journey and I can't wait to see what you will do next. All the best for the run!