Doing it for the boys

By Narelle Miechel

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Why I do what I do

Friday 1st Sep
My son Jai was diagnosed with a rare testicular cancer called Rhabdomyersarcoma at the young age of 16 after months of chemotherapy and the loss of his left testicle we were happy that he had beaten it and this road was hard for our whole family. 
I found he was not classed as a child but not an adult either so there was no Counciling for him to help him through this it was just me. 
Jai then found out at the age of 21 that the same cancer came back and in the same place so again he went through an operation and this time chemo and radiation, once again he beat it.
Jai became an avid indoor and outdoor climber with his mate Blake. On the 9th of October jai came home from work asked what was for tea and left to climb with Blake.
At 6pm I was told Jai  was rushed to emergency at the John Hunter Hospital 
Where he underwent surgery for a busted aneurysm. We watched over him and Jai’s mates came to support us all. 
While Jai was in ICU I shuffled over 30 of his mates through ICU 2 at a time to see him. 
On the 11th of October in the early hours of the morning we were told that jai will never come out of his coma and the machines will be turned off and to let our friends and family know. 
Jai’S mum had a bottle of chilli bourbon made for all his mates as chilli and bourbon were his favourite things. 
She then made the bourbon into a sauce and decided to make a difference and to help other families.
To this very day Ja’s mum Narelle still makes and sells the sauce to raise money for this cause. 
She also expanded from sauces to honey’s as well and will tell you her flavoured honey’s and chilli bourbon sauces are the best you will ever taste.