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Tomorrow is the day!

Thursday 14th Mar
Thank-you to everyone so far who has donated it really means a lot!

Some of you have asked why I have chosen the Chris Obrien lifehouse...

My Father was diagnosed with an oligodendroglioma, a rare type type of brain cancer that the Chris O'Brien lifehouse plays a big role in fighting and helping families going through it all. The prognosis is usually about about 10 years, but because of the unbelievable work the the lifehouse does, my family and got more than 20! 5 of which was Cancer free! 

So your donation will/has contributed to giving many other families the same privilege, or better yet, helping to find a cure! 

Thank-you all once again!

Stay tuned for the finished product ✂️✂️✂️

Goodbye to Hully's hair

Friday 9th Feb
Hi all, 

After 9 long years it is time to say goodbye to the long locks...
But I Couldn't let them go without raising a bit of money for the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.

The Chris O'Brien Lifehouse is a not for profit organisation that is solely dedicated to researching and treating cancer, especially those that are complex and rare. 

The end shave date will be Friday the 15th of March at Tahmoor Coillery (workplace) and the highest contributor will be given the honor of the clippers or delegate. 

Please donate! If donating to a great organisation doesnt make your day maybe laughing at my new ugly head will!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rstar Mining



Nice work mate


Simec Mining - Tahmoor Coking Coal

Great cause Tommy! We look forward to seeing your new look!


Point Nine Group


Thomas Hull


Brittany Hull


Scott Maitland

Fabio no more


Belinda Kelly


Brandon & Em

Short back and sides thanks. Love your work mate!


Jim Fleming


Erin Luffman

Love you mate!! Such a massive thing for you to do


Gabi Herbert

Awesome work Hully!!


Kate Roberts

Love you lil buddy. Such a great organisation xx


Roz Reynolds


Dave And Sim


Martin Brown



lots of hair to go


Shayley Mccracken


Dean Patterson


Hamish Simpson

Onya wep!


Melissa Cameron

Good on ya Thomas x


Jake Tranter

Great stuff Hully. Keen to see the finished product. Amelia and I are proud of you. Cheers.



All the best with it Thomas. Xxx Shae


Mat Davies


Alice Hull

Go Thomas!


Jack Bain


Lillie Barrett

Woohoo go Tommy! All to a good cause


Jack And Ash Wells

Proud of you Tommy! Great cause


Sabina Potter


Tyson Brown


Kirsty Mckinnon

Good job Tom! X


Abby Schofield

Go Hully! Go Hully! 🤍


Hannah Tratt

You are an absolute legend!!!!! Love ya


Maddie Tratt

Goodluck Tommy


Kayla Atkins


Olivia Kimble