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Becoming a corporate supporter at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse means you too can have a positive impact on the lives of people with cancer, both now and into the future. With your help, we can continue to achieve our bold vision of transforming cancer care through an environment that thrives on discovery, research and uncompromising, patient-centred care.

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse is not for profit, so all revenue is reinvested and all donations are used to benefit our patients. 

We believe every person has the right to the best cancer care possible, regardless of economic circumstances. That is why our model of care was developed to treat both public and private patients.

As a not for profit hospital, all revenue is reinvested and all donations are used to benefit our patients. We are not beholden to shareholders, and as an independent hospital we can be nimble and responsive. Our model gives us the opportunity to create truly bespoke partnerships according to our mutual strengths and needs. Whether it be Gifts in Kind, Cause Related Marketing or Traditional Corporate Support, we are grateful to hear from like-minded businesses. If you are interested in our corporate supporters program please complete the form below or call us on +612 8514 0924.

It is incredibly heartening to work with our supporters. The difference the extra layer of support makes is extraordinary and we are grateful for the generosity of organisations like these.

Bloomfield Financial

Harry from Bloomfield Financial contacted us to become one of our first formal supporters. We are honoured to share his motivation and grateful for his wholehearted support.

“Firstly, I would like to express my delight in launching this fundraising support for the renowned Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. They are truly an amazing institution who have been a shining light to so many families across the country battling cancer. Since the passing of my Father just before Christmas in 2019 after a near 2-year battle with Brain Cancer, I have been looking for an avenue to channel the unrest of his passing into something positive for the broader community.

I can only tell my story in the hope it will help raise awareness and much needed funding to ease the financial costs associated with fighting serious illnesses such as cancer. “

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The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole was established in 2010 by Corinne Smith & Amara Jarratt. Their blends (made right here in Australia) feature world class teas and premium ingredients.

Corinne and Amara are Co-Creators of Sydney Tea Festival & Melbourne Tea Festival and we couldn’t be luckier to have them on board. We are grateful for the superb quality of Rabbit Hole tea, as well as the ritual and reflection this tea provides. Below is a small insight into The Rabbit Hole Gifts in Kind support:

“In 2014 with a newborn in arms, we nursed our Mum to the end of her life as she fiercely battled cancer. When the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse reached out for an ongoing donation to support staff and patients, the stars aligned for our values and of course we said yes. Yes to nurturing patients with a small moment of joy made possible with a simple cup of tea and yes to supporting nurses who always put the needs of their patients ahead of their own. Thank you Chris O’Brien Lifehouse for continuing to provide uncompromising care for people affected by cancer."

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LyndalT is a fine china business based in Sydney, and a corporate supporter and fundraiser. One fine china collection is called Arterie, inspired by an original artwork hanging in our Radiation Oncology unit.

Arterie @ Lifehouse is a unique, inter-disciplinary art in healthcare program. Patients can participate throughout their recovery in any of the 3 programs delivered in different locations throughout Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. The Carterie Program is delivered on the Wards, the Artist in Residence Program is delivered in the main flyer and the Workshop Program is delivered in the Livingroom Atrium. The diversity of programs and locations provides optimum reach under one roof. 

Founder Lyndal Thomas of the eponymous brand has been a breast cancer patient at Chris OBrien Lifehouse since 2017 and this is her motivation:

A cup of tea can make all the difference between feeling overwhelmed and being reassured. Drinking tea from fine china is a special invitation to calm nerves and offer inclusion within a community. Staff can share teatime with a colleague over a cuppa which is both supportive and restorative, enabling a moment to converse and talk about whats going on in life. I enjoy going to Chris OBrien Lifehouse. It is a positive institution where specialists and community come together to fight cancer, providing hope.

Have a look at the beautiful tea ware on, @lyndalt on Instagram and Facebook, and you can also listen to Lyndals very own stories of cancer recovery on The LyndalT Podcast. We are grateful to have the support of Lyndal T, with $10 from every retail purchase of this special range through going to Arterie @ Lifehouse.

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Claudia and Malcolm came to us with an interest in Rhabdomyosarcoma. They weren’t sure of what we were working on, but knew that we house the largest Sarcoma referral centre in NSW.

We found a mutually aligned project and today, Astrapsychology contributes to research within the Comprehensive Sarcoma Centre.

They support us in loving memory of Alex, who aged 19, was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma.

“What we hope is that, through services like Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, more attention can be directed towards the needs of young adults who are experiencing cancer.

At that age, the needs of young adults living with cancer are specific and distinctive. He needed younger people around him, people with whom he could relate. But there were none.

By supporting Chris O’Brien Lifehouse we are hoping that young people will have what Alex was not able to receive. We had some hopes, those years ago… we have a new hope now.”

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