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A Renewed Sense of Hope 

The Arto Hardy Family Biomedical Innovation Hub
is a new research unit at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. It was launched last December in the presence of our patron, Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley, Governor of New South Wales, who was proud to cut the ribbon of this futuristic facility, along with a representative of the Arto Hardy family.

The things that go on in this lab are mind-blowing, the perfect example of world-leading science at work. It combines the latest technology with innovative biomedical science to explore new treatment options for some of the most poor prognosis cancers. 

This incredible research unit has been made possible through the generosity of the Arto Hardy family. It will impact the lives of current and future patients through research and discovery, unlocking the future of personalised cancer care.    

The Arto Hardy Family Biomedical Innovation Hub provides clinicians, researchers, and engineers with the resources they need to advance their studies to discover different approaches to treating cancer.  

One incredible example of how the Hub is enabling truly exciting and cutting-edge research is glioblastoma tumour modelling.  

Glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive form of brain cancer in adults. With limited drug therapy options currently available, patients typically undergo surgery. 

A collaboration between our brain cancer research program, our neurosurgery department, and the Arto-Hardy Family Biomedical Innovation Hub, is exploring a new treatment model that will assess which new and existing drugs are effective on each patient’s brain tumour without having to test each option on the patient first, minimising any side effects.  

How? Through 3-D bioprinting.    

Everyone has heard about the fantastic things you can do with 3-D printing. 3-D bioprinting is a type of 3-D printing that uses materials made up of biologically compatible substances; in this instance, it is used to create a Glioblastoma “ink.”  

Glioblastoma “ink” also includes cancer cells taken from a biopsy of a patient's brain tumour, allowing the Arto Hardy Family Biomedical Innovation Hub team to print hundreds of tumour spheroids, or mini brain tumours.  

This is so they can see how the tumours grow, behave, and interact with healthy brain tissue.  

After the team makes their analysis, they introduce the mini tumours to brain organoids; affectionately termed “mini-brains,” which are also grown in the Hub.  

They trial new and existing drugs on the mini-brains to see which are most effective in treating the tumour, 

taking the personalisation of cancer treatment to new heights.   

For our patients at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, this means an improved chance for successful treatment, a renewed sense of hope for the best possible outcomes, and a better quality of life.    

“I hope the Arto Hardy Biomedical Innovation Hub can build the momentum for the days ahead and beyond to produce extraordinary discoveries for advancing cancer treatment. And even lead to finding a cure.” - Lina Hardy

The Arto Hardy Family, Biomedical Innovation Hub, is a place where what you thought was impossible has been made possible. 

It is where imagination comes alive, progressing the future of personalised cancer treatment; through research, clinical trials, and determination. 

It gives our patients at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse a renewed sense of hope, even in their darkest moments.  

“May this be a time when we act as one to save lives, to find cures and to give equal hope to everyone looking for it.” - Lina Hardy. 

Click this link to find out more about the Arto Hardy Family Biomedical Innovation Hub.  

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