The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

Regional Access Program

Delivering better outcomes for people with cancer across

New South Wales through evidence-based treatment,

research, education and patient-centred care.

“Our Regional Access Program essentially moves the expertise of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to the patient. It’s a service that complements what already exists in the community; one that connects patients with a team of experts who treat the most cancers and also the most challenging cancers, so patients can make the right decisions and get the best quality of care close to home.” - Professor Carsten Palme

Across New South Wales, we actively engage in providing cancer care through the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Regional Access Program.

This initiative involves running clinics in regional centres, allowing patients to access specialist opinions and be referred to our multidisciplinary teams, which offer concentrated expertise and experience.

By collaborating closely with regional healthcare services, we establish efficient referral pathways, ensuring that patients receive the specialised care they require in a timely manner. Our commitment extends to knowledge-sharing, education, and partnering with regional communities to deliver optimal cancer care.

The Regional Access Program thrives on the dedication and commitment of our doctors and clinical teams, as well as the generosity of our donor community.
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