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Jennie Connolly was treated for ovarian cancer by the gynae-oncology team at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Before her passing in June 2018, Jennie bequeathed a donation to Lifehouse for gynaecological cancer research. Jennie’s generous gift is funding Director of Gynae-oncology Dr Rhonda Farrell’s research into a targeted heated chemotherapy (HIPEC) for ovarian cancer patients.

Ivana Rapajic-Moran was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2019 and treated using HIPEC. Ivana’s outcomes form part of Rhonda’s research, meaning she is being treated in a scientific-based, research-driven context that will ultimately lead to better outcomes for patients in her position in the future.

“I’m honoured by Jennie’s incredibly generous gift towards ovarian cancer research. Our patients are kept at the forefront of the latest advancements in surgery and systemic treatments. Jennie’s gift enables us to carry out research that will inform and transform the way we treat this aggressive cancer, ultimately improving outcomes for patients,” says Dr Farrell.

Jennie Connolly

Ivana Rapajic-Moran 

Dr Rhonda Farrell 

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