A pain specialist nurse funded through philanthropy

Last year we welcomed Leona Djajadi into the role of clinical nurse specialist for pain. This crucial role was funded entirely through donor support.  

With a Postgraduate Diploma in Anesthetics and Recovery, Leona has a wealth of experience in treating acute pain.

Since starting in her role, Leona has transformed our ability to provide patient-centred care and fast relief for patients who are experiencing acute pain, both in the wards and through an outpatient clinic.

Says Leona, “Previously, patients with acute pain would have to be referred to a specialist, which means going on a waiting list. While they wait, often for weeks, they’re in pain. They can now get it sorted here, and almost immediately. It’s made such a huge difference for so many of our patients.”

She also provides hospital-wide training on new pain management systems, continuing to improve the level of care we provide our patients.

This year, Leona will also assist in opening a telehealth program to support rural and regional outpatients who cannot attend follow-up appointments.

“The service is going to get better and better,” says Leona. “I’m excited by what we can offer our patients in the future.

Leona Djajadi

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