Workplace Giving

Workplace giving builds culture, connection, trust and purpose. Workplace Giving is an opportunity to make a fully automated pre-tax donation, directly via your workplace. This makes for a personal tax benefit, company benefit and whole of community benefit. It can be done as an employee or employer, in house or via an external provider.

How it works

Workplace Giving continues to rise as businesses increasingly engage with the communities in which they operate. If your company or organisation have an existing Workplace Giving Program, you can opt in via your Payroll or Human Resources Team. From there you can nominate the charity or charities you wish to support. Chris O’Brien Lifehouse has a relationship with the bigger providers, such as Benevity and Good2Give, so it would be a matter of selecting “Lifehouse Australia”. In the event that there is no provider, please fill in the form below or contact us via +61 2 8514 0006.

If you contribute a portion of your pre-tax salary to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, you will receive an immediate tax benefit, rather than waiting for the end of financial year. For example, if you donate $25 per pay cycle, it will cost you $16.87 yet Chris O’Brien Lifehouse receives the full $25.


• It’s pre-tax so you receive an immediate tax refund.

• If your employer has a matched giving program, your donation will be doubled.

• It’s automatic. Once you have opted in, it’s all taken care of.

• As an employer, organisations with Workplace Giving programs record higher levels of employee engagement and increased satisfaction. 

Contact Us

We welcome any of your questions, comments or queries around Workplace Giving.

If we can help you in anyway or you would like further details on how to get involved, please contact our Development Team via the details below.

Alternatively, please fill in the form and we shall respond as soon possible.

Thank you!