From Heartbreak to Hope

12 Sep 2022

After experiencing the heartbreaking loss of their son Alex, Malcolm and Claudia found renewed purpose in helping other young adults with cancer. 

Claudia and Malcolm came to us with an interest in Rhabdomyosarcoma – a rare type of cancer. They weren’t sure of what we were working on but knew that we house the largest Sarcoma referral center in NSW.

We found a mutually aligned project and today, Malcolm, through his business, Astra Psychology, contributes to research within the Comprehensive Sarcoma Centre.

They support us in loving memory Alex, who aged 19, was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma.

What we hope is that, through services like Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, more attention can be directed towards the needs of young adults who are experiencing cancer.

At that age, the needs of young adults living with cancer are specific and distinctive. Alex needed younger people around him, people with whom he could relate. But there were none.

By supporting Chris O’Brien Lifehouse we are hoping that young people will have what Alex was not able to receive. We had some hopes, those years ago… we have a new hope now.

With the support of Astra Psychology, Associate Professor Angela Hong and Dr Vivek Bhadri can continue working on Rhabdomyosarcoma treatment trials to develop more effective methods of treatment within the Comprehensive Sarcoma Centre. 

If you would like to drive research efforts like Malcolms, you can make a donation here or you can learn more about upcoming research here