A Barbie Night to Remember

28 Sep 2023

“Earlier this year, I discovered I have the BRCA II gene mutation, which means I have a heightened risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. Because of my age (30), I was encouraged to screen for breast cancer immediately.

I was referred to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, and after a concerning shadow that appeared on my first MRI scan, I had to have an ultrasound, biopsy, mammogram and another MRI - all within a few hours. 

I was terrified, but the team at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse were so kind and reassuring and put me at ease.

Following the tests, I was relieved to learn that I was in the clear and wouldn’t need another MRI until the end of the year. I feel so fortunate to have had positive results but sitting along so many others in the waiting room, I knew many would not be as fortunate.

Going through my experience, I was inspired and wanted to give back, so on the 21st of July, I hosted a screening of the Barbie movie to raise funds for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and help the patients I had met in those waiting rooms.

I chose the Barbie movie because it’s the movie event of the year! And it coincided neatly with my birthday.

So far, I’ve raised $2,286! My goal was $1,000. I’m amazed at how generous and supportive everyone has been.

It was so easy to set up my donation page; I did it from my phone while sitting in bed.”

Edie-Louise Diemar - Community Fundraiser 

We are so grateful to our community and to people like Edie who choose to support Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, it’s because of wonderful people like this that we can support the thousands of patients who walk through our doors every year.  

If you or someone you know is interested in hosting a community fundraising event follow this link or for more information email development.office@lh.org.au