Closing the Gap in Cancer Care

13 Sep 2022

At Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, our vision is to transform cancer treatment for all Australians through an environment thriving on research, discovery and uncompromising care. 

It's important that every person in the community can access cancer care in a way that is culturally safe and appropriate and with which they are comfortable. 

To help us achieve this, we have engaged local Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island elders so that we can work towards closing the gap in cancer care.

Our steps in Reconciliation are leading toward a future where health divides do not exist, and where everyone can receive life-changing treatments to achieve the best quality of life and outcomes possible.

When yarning with local elders, an important concern was raised: policies and actions have typically been made  for them, rather than created together with them. Looking to the future, we decided to work within the ethos of - 

‘Nothing about us, without us’

This means that any policy, procedure or action taken to aid in closing the gap will be done so in consultation with the local Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island community.

In partnership with local elders, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse hosts a number of cultural collaborations, including Yidaki sound healings, yarning circles, NAIDOC week celebrations and dance workshops, with many more opportunities and events coming up in the future.

You can support closing the gap and future events by donating today.