An Exciting Leap Towards The Future

13 Sep 2022

In exciting news, planning has been completed for the new Integrated Prosthetics and Reconstruction Laboratory which will revolutionise treatment for head and neck cancer. 

“The past year has been incredibly busy across the head and neck clinical program and the research. We've continued to grow an exceptional, world-class team, increasing our capacity to translate innovations to patient care and paving the way for commercialisation. I'm also very pleased to report that we're about to begin the construction of a new interactive lab that will enable us to showcase the technology and engage more with patients and visitors.” - Professor Jonathan Clark AM Lang Walker Family Foundation Chair in Head & Neck Cancer Reconstructive Surgery 

The new lab will be a centralised site to foster innovation, research breakthroughs and product development. It will have floor to ceiling windows so onlookers can see the team in action along with viewing screens, interactive desks and QR codes to show what the doctors are working on in real time. 

“With the technology we have in this program, we are transforming facial reconstructive surgery in a number of ways. One is that we have removed the ‘guesswork’ of the traditional manual approach to shaping the bone and now create a precise replica of the patient’s jaw that fits perfectly. Another is that we can prioritise both the removal of the cancer and the implanting of dentures in a single surgery. This approach vastly improves functional and aesthetic outcomes and means patients can avoid having multiple operations.” - Professor Jonathan Clark AM 

The Integrated Prosthetics and Reconstruction Laboratory will transform outcomes for patients with head and neck cancer. We look forward to providing you with an update when the lab is up and running.

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