28 Sep 2023

We know that the mind is heavily connected to your physical well-being.

This is one of the many reasons why Chris O’Brien Lifehouse takes both a scientific and holistic approach when it comes to caring for those with cancer.

We believe there is space for both worlds to coexist, to encourage the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Earlier this year, in March, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse partnered with the Sydney Local Health District and Cancer Institute NSW to host a Ngangkari Cultural Immersion event highlighting and sharing the knowledge of the First Nation People’s ancient culture with staff, patients and the wider community.

We were honoured to welcome Debbie Watson and Cyril Mackenzie, who are Ngangkari – traditional healers of the Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara lands.

The Ngangkari take a different approach to health and well-being compared to ‘western medicine.’

Rather than focusing on the person’s illness, they focus on the individual’s spirit, looking in with their mind. If they see something that shouldn’t be there, they will do their best to remove it.

In some cases, people can be detached from their spirit, so the Ngangkari will reconnect their body with their spirit.

As people left their sessions with the Ngangkari, they said they felt more grounded, light, free, energised, and spiritual.

Along with traditional healing, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse hosted a vibrant program full of cultural events, including art exhibitions, weaving, painting, dance workshops, and educational yarning circles.

“On behalf of our team at Tribal Warrior and many of the community who have expressed this sentiment, what the health, medical and clinical community did last week was amazing!

You quantified our ancient healing practices in modern medicine, and for our local community to be able to access this was a special gift.” - Shane Phillips, Tribal Warrior CEO.