Meet Xavier Neil

07 Dec 2022

Here at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, we are surrounded by an incredible community of fundraisers and donors who participate in events and initiatives to raise funds, and awareness, for all the incredible work that takes place here. Many of the individuals who commit their time and energy to support us have incredible stories and journey's themselves. One such person is Xavier Neil.

With his parent's help and support, Xavier started fundraising and raising awareness for cancer research when he was just 8 years old. Now, at age 12, he recounts his fundraising journey with us.

"When I started fundraising for Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, it was to participate in SurFebruary," Xavier tells us. "Taking part in this challenge began a passion of mine to do more to help rid the world of cancer. Along the way, I have had so many people join and support me in all my fundraising activities."

After being inspired by SurFebruary's mission, Xavier and his mum began Good x Karma, a business that sells handmade soaps and lip balms, with its proceeds being donated to Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. Xavier has now raised over an incredible $80K from when he first started.

Amidst his Good x Karma project, as well as taking part in both SurFebruary and Go The Distance, Xavier also has to go to school, do sports, and hang out with his friends - a lot to do for anyone, let alone a 10-year-old!

"Yes, sometimes it's very busy juggling all these things," he tells us. "But when I see other kids I know going through illness and hardship, it makes me feel like I have it much easier in comparison. Mum and Dad help me a lot as well."

Given his obvious passion and dedication to fundraising, we asked Xavier if it ever makes him think about what he might like to do when he's older.

"It sure has," he says. "Mum and Dad have given me the chance a few times to take a break from Good x Karma, but actually, I want to do more. I have met so many people, and other kids, who have cancer or have family going through treatment. Not all of them are still with us, and that makes me sad. I'm not 100% sure what I want to do when I grow up, but I know I want to make a difference."

Xavier is an amazing example of what anyone can do when they put their mind to it, and how even just one person can make such an incredible difference.

"Do something, anything!," is Xavier's advice to anyone who wants to start fundraising or raising awareness. "Make a start, even if it's something small. What I have learnt since I started is that the smallest ripple can create big change. Don't ever think that your contribution won't make a difference."

If you have a fundraising idea or need support for your event, please reach out to our team and we can help: - we would love to hear from you!