Supportive Care

03 Mar 2024

Holistic Treatments

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery have a range of side effects, including fatigue, nausea, weakness and pain, making it hard to feel like yourself and often leading to depression and anxiety. 

At Chris O’Brien Lifehouse we offer a comprehensive care model, treating not only cancer, but the whole person. At the heart of our care model is our supportive care and integrative oncology centre, the LivingRoom.

It is a service that focuses on holistic, evidence-based therapies designed to help our patients manage symptoms and side effects, to live as well as possible with and beyond their cancer diagnosis.

Our expert therapists offer services like oncology massage, reflexology and acupuncture to help reduce blood pressure, nausea and stress; exercise physiology to help patients increase their strength, and reduce fatigue, and education on how to effectively manage symptoms and adapt to living with the additional challenges that can arise from living with cancer. “What we deliver is what makes us a comprehensive campus and is what sets us apart from other hospitals. It’s an important part of the cancer care plan for patients,” says Jane Saphin, LivingRoom Services Manager. 

Each month, the LivingRoom hosts a range of events including yoga and sound healing to create a healing, safe and spiritual environment. The LivingRoom offers a space focused on increasing the overall wellbeing of our patients, improving physical health and connecting people who are going through similar experiences, to grow a sense of community; there is hope in knowing you’re not alone. “No one wants to have cancer, but to know that these services exist, and I’ve had access to them, I just hope that other people have access to services like this in the future, and I hope it can be affordable for all people”– Chelsea, LivingRoom patient. 

Many of our LivingRoom services are supported by donations, enabling a unique and important service that makes a profound difference for our patients. 

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