Tax Appeal Update

12 Sep 2022

Thank you - $246,000 was raised to support Dr Kate Mahon’s appendiceal cancer research.

Kate chose her specialty in appendiceal cancer because she knows what it's like to be that 1 in a million.

She was diagnosed with a very rare condition that made it difficult to have a healthy baby. Then, thanks to the work of one doctor, she was able to receive treatments throughout her pregnancy giving her the opportunity to have her son, now nine years old.

Kate now hopes that through her research efforts she can provide the same hope she was afforded to the 1 in a million people who are diagnosed with appendiceal cancer.

Thanks to your support, Kate’s research team will be sharing their findings at medical conferences around the world, and they can begin to plan their clinical trials, the next step in their world-leading research efforts.

Thank you for your generosity and dedication to giving hope to our patients, now and into the future.

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