Early Career Research Update

28 Sep 2023
Thank you!! $370,000 was raised to support the Early Career Research program at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Dr Tahlia Scheinberg

Over 1000 donors gave generously to secure the future of research, helping Early Career Researchers like Doctor Tahlia Scheinberg avoid the ‘Valley of Death,’ where researchers face a lack of funding and opportunity to continue thier potentially life-saving research.

But most importantly, the selflessness of our supportive community will help the next generation of expert scientists discover new life-saving cancer treatments and, maybe one day, a cure.

Thank you for your generosity and dedication to giving hope to our patients both now and into the future. We look forward to updating you on the recipients who benefit from your generous support, the PhDs and Masters students who will be able to continue their research journeys and continue to foster breakthroughs thanks to your contribution.

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